The Basics of Music Theory


By Matteo Miller-Nicolato



Misconceptions About Music Theory


If you are like most guitar players, you probably have a few misconceptions about music theory which may have prevented you from learning or wanting to learn about it. I know this is how I used to be when I was a beginner - in fact I didn't want to get a teacher because I knew they would teach me theory, and I believed it would slow me down.



You may think it's going to be TOO HARD and confusing to understand music theory, but that's mostly because it's commonly taught in a way that is hard to actually apply to guitar.


You may believe it's NOT APPLICABLE to your skill level right now, but that's not true. In fact, if you can play a few simple open chords, you can easily use this lesson to your advantage.


You may want to JUST LEARN SONGS and forget about everything else, but this lesson will actually HELP YOU learn songs!! It will be easier to understand why certain chords are played together and why it sounds good (and how you can easily make your own songs).




You can see how "Minor Street" is composed of ONE STORY houses (minor chords) and TWO STORY houses (major chords)... and how each house matches a letter of the alphabet.



Simple right! All you need to do is start playing any of these chords in a random order:


i - iv - v - VII ... Am - Dm - Em - G


i - III - iv - v ... Am - C - Dm - Em


i - VII - v - iv ... Am - G - Em - Dm


i - v - III - VI ... Am - Em - C - F


It's easy to create chord progressions like this! Now all you need to do is copy the diagram and start creating chord progressions by using roman numerals, and then playing the appropriate chord!


If you're still struggling or have questions about this topic, you should schedule a FREE introductory guitar lesson in San Diego and I'll show you how to go from Zero To Guitar Hero in no time at all!


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