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Euan Middleton: San Diego Guitar Lesson Review I've been trying to learn guitar for nearly 4 years now and at every turn there was always an excuse. Until I met Matteo. My teachers in the past have not really understood how to teach (though they could play guitar) Matteo can do both! He is passionate and really knows how to impart his knowledge to help unlock your potential. I've just started a course of lessons with him and already my attitude to practice and study is better. He makes me want to fulfill the promise I made to myself to be a good guitar player. Under his tutelage, I know I will be. Anonymous Reviewer "Matteo took the time to help someone he did not know and make the lesson work for everyone... He did not need to do this but did so without question... It was a very enjoyable lesson and was at the heart of what music is really all about. It is about people enjoying their time together." Allen McBeth: San Diego Guitar Lesson Review I just had my first guitar lesson with Matteo and it was awesome. I know the basics of rhythm guitar and how to play chords but do not know anything about how to play lead guitar. Matteo very quickly taught me a simple scale that he explained had the notes in it to match a chord pattern he would play. Within minutes we were jamming a tune that sounded really cool, was simple to play but sounded elegant and smooth. I didn't know that I had it in me to play lead guitar but Matteo explained the process to me in such an easy way that it started to come naturally to me after just a few riffs. Matteo is an excellent guitar teacher. He is very patient with students like me who do not know a lot about playing guitar and he is very knowledgeable about style, technique, and how to get a great sound out of your guitar with just a few relatively simple moves. I really enjoyed my first guitar lesson with him. I learned a lot of useful lead guitar techniques in just a short amount of time and I can't wait until my next guitar lesson so I can learn to jam even more. I forgot to mention that after just my first 1 hour guitar lesson, Matteo and I were improvising jams and playing together so well that we had a house concert that all the neighbors liked and came over to listen to. I was playing lead guitar for the first time in my life with Matteo on rhythm guitar and it actually sounded really good considering us just meeting and learning a few simple techniques 1 hour before. Hosung Joun: San Diego Guitar Lesson Review That day was such a lucky day when I found the San Diego Guitar Lessons handout. Actually I come from Korea, and I've been staying in SD for 6 months. Before I came here, I played the guitar starting 2 years ago, usually trying to find methods or lessons which could make me play guitar better, but I could only copy other band's songs (like doing covers). I just knew one scale but I didn't know how to use it, and I didn't know how to play guitar (jam) with other people. But now I can definitely say that I can. I took Matteo's class so that I can play my own melodies and understand how to make sounds, and how to use the scale, how to improvising, etc. I think I should learn more from the San Diego Guitar Lessons, and my skills are going to improve even more than they have already. I strongly recommend Matteo as a teacher if you want to start to learn the guitar or to learn more about guitar. This is one solution which can solve your guitar problems! Parents of Pritam Mukhopadyaya: San Diego Guitar Lesson Review "We were afraid our son wouldn't enjoy the lessons or practicing, because he's new at playing guitar. Our son took a class at Doyle park before and it didn't work out well. But now, we see that he's making progress and learning and at home he's practicing well. I think he's learning well and we feel Matteo is taking him through the right steps. I would definitely recommend Matteo because we are getting a result! Pritam likes it actually, he's enjoying the lessons, and he's slowly getting into it!" Anonymous Reviewer "Like many people my expectation are too high, to begin with. Matteo brings me back to the real world and reminds me that you have to take small steps before you can run. He takes the time to break things into small learnable amounts of information or parts." Anonymous Reviewer "Helped me to slow down and think about how to really practice. It is not just how much time you practice, but how you practice. I still need to break down my problem areas and work on them more. I tend to do what I know how to do, instead of working on the things I have trouble with." Stefania Merlin: San Diego Guitar Lesson Review I have been playing guitar for about 15 years and I have taken lessons with Matteo for 6 months. I wanted to improve my rhythm skills so I decided to take lessons with Matteo because he is an excellent teacher, he showed me lots of things about music in a new -funny- way. Matteo met my expectations teaching me how to improve my rhythm and aural skills. Matteo is a great guitar teacher! Erik Morton: San Diego Guitar Lesson Review "I know I have had way too many guitar teachers. With my first teacher I had problems with making chords: all we did was work on making chords. With my second teacher I had problems performing songs: all we worked on was performing songs. With my third teacher I had problems learning how to read music: what do you think was the only thing we worked on? While it is good in part to identify a target area and to find specific things to work on, if you don't take a step back and look at the bigger picture you're bound to find a way back to the same old mistakes and problems. With my fourth guitar teacher, Matteo Miller, during our first lesson we were working on going up and down the scale, no problem when a funny thing started to happen. As we were going through the scales together, we would gradually lose synchronization. At that point he had asked me a question "have you ever worked with a metronome?" I had to stop and think about it for a second: I have owned a metronome. I've used it at least once, and when taking lessons with other teachers I had seen them work with it but never with me. "Nope" I said "not really." Kind of a funny thought. To have something that you haven't used to help others with their similar problems and not to think to do something similar. "That's ok. You're going to learn". after some digging around I was able to find a working metronome and we started to play a scale to the beat. Immediately our synchronization went up but there was still lag popping up. "Alright, now put down your guitar and clap to the beat" so I did. After clapping with the metronome for about a minute we returned to playing the scale. Lag still happened, and still does, but for the first time in a long time I was able to say with confidence that I had made a marked improvement in my play and more importantly a marked improvement in my confidence in my ability as a guitarist. You can try to get yourself to the next level of guitar playing on your own but having someone there to help you take a step back to look and see where you are, where you've been, and where you want to be can make all the difference. Matteo Miller is one of the better teachers I have met in my career as a guitarist. I really can't say if his methods will work for you the same way as they have for me. Only you can take that first step to the next level.

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