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There are many Challenges of Learning a Song. Most of them can be easily fixed, you just need to identify the problem and know what the solution is, and then implement it.


In order to get the most out of practicing, you should have a strict set of Practice Guidelines so that you don't waste time, and you actually get a result.


Playing Without Making Mistakes is pretty difficult. Even pros make mistakes, but there are definitely ways to reduce that number to a very small amount of mistakes. Usually 2 wrong notes during a whole song is pretty good! ;)


If you don't understand the differences between Playing vs Practicing Guitar, you will have a hard time making progress.


What CAN you really do as an average guitar player? Most people do not even know what is possible. They have limits in their mind, and feel like they may not be able to do anything realistically. This is just a small list of 100% definitely attainable goals.


Learning songs can be easy or hard, depending on how you approach it. One very important part of learning a song is the process of Memorizing Tablature.


If you find yourself practicing the same things every day, you should make yourself a Guitar Practice Schedule that targets different skills so that you can find your weak areas and improve your strengths.


Creativity can be taught and developed, you just need to know how to do it. Don't believe you "lack musical talent" because I didn't have any talent either when I was first starting. I had to DEVELOP it. Here are some ways to Develop Your Own Style.


Guitar playing may seem like a big challenge, but it is actually one of the easiest things I've ever done in my life. You need to think a little bit abstractly about Learning and Progressing on Guitar. Once you do that, everything becomes much simpler.


You probably figured out that Learning Guitar is a Process and it will take time. But you don't have to let that stand in your way. Being a musician is much more than just 'being good at guitar'.


You might not always be able to see or feel how Your Guitar Playing Progress is coming along. There are a few skills you can track improvement on paper and a few that you can't really. You should know which skills will give you the biggest boost in musicianship and creativity.


If you broke a string on your guitar, it's not a big deal! Learn How To Practice With Missing Guitar Strings and get even BIGGER results from your practicing than ever before!


I've found a really cool secret in music. This is an Introduction to Rhythm Theory, something that over the past several years I've started discovering by listening to progressive music, pop music, etc. Total transformation of my guitar playing.


It's always fun to learn how to play songs on guitar. As a beginner, you might have trouble learning new songs, because you don't have any strategies yet. Here are three methods on How to Master Learning Songs on guitar.


If you're struggling to write songs, you will want to get my e-book, Writing a Song on the Guitar! Don't believe that you can't learn how to develop your songwriting skills. In this FREE e-book you will learn lots of strategies to take your songwriting to the next level FAST!






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