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Matteo is a highly specialized guitar teacher with pedagogy training (The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle). While most guitar teachers learn through trial and error, both the playing part and the teaching part, Matteo studied from several master guitar players including Tom Hess, Paul Gilbert, Michel Angelo Batio, and John Mclaughlin. This has helped Matteo provide big results for students, and offers a big advantage over other guitar learning programs.


With in-depth training on the art of teaching guitar, students can expect results faster and easier from the San Diego Guitar Gym simply because of the wealth of knowledge and teaching models that you would never find in 'normal' guitar lessons, or even in universities.


After working with hundreds of guitar students, Matteo has developed a powerful system to train any new player from being a complete beginner into a confident, well trained, disciplined and very creative guitar player and musician. There is no limit to what you can achieve as a student, the only limit exists in your own mind.



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Primo - Matteo Miller Nicolato

Kyturienal - Matteo Miller Nicolato

Probability - Matteo Miller Nicolato


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