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   What Should You Practice Right Now?If you don't know exactly what to practice it will be difficult to make progress and you will probably feel yourself plateauing. This is the same process I use every single time I play to identify my weak areas.

   3 Most Common Mistakes When Learning SongsIt’s very important to avoid these guitar practice mistakes because they will hold you back from making progress quickly!

   Developing Your Own Style of MusicThere are only 12 notes… has every song already been written? How do you break away from the pack and sound different from every other guitar player? 

   How To Memorize MusicThere is one KEY trick to memorizing music quickly and easily. Even though it might seem like common sense, this strategy is extremely effective, especially for harder songs. 

   Playing Without Making MistakesIf you know what to look for, and go slow enough, you can easily figure out what is holding you back from playing fast and clean. The trick is being able to spot the problem areas in your technique. 

   Guitar Practice GuidelinesA simple checklist for the best guitar practice habits. Just a few small changes in your practice habits can produce BIG results, especially avoiding distractions and correcting your posture! 

   Why You Are Struggling To Learn SongsThere are many reasons why you might be struggling to learn a song you want to play. You need to identify and understand the cause of the problem, and then apply the correct solution. 

   How To Choose An Electric GuitarYou can’t just buy the first guitar you see or the cheapest guitar on Amazon. You need a criteria for choosing the right guitar if you want to have a good experience and not waste your money. 

   How To Practice Changing ChordsThere are several very powerful strategies to quickly master difficult chord changes. This is one of the biggest areas where beginner guitar players struggle! 

   How To Practice ScalesIt’s incredibly important to know how to use scales to improvise or write music. This is much better than learning as many chord shapes and scales as possible. 

   The Basics Of Music TheoryThere are many misconceptions about music theory, such as ‘blocking your creativity’. However, unless you want to reinvent the wheel, it really does help to know what chords sound good together! 

   Directional PickingBeing able to play guitar fast requires a highly advanced picking technique. You must focus on improving the economy of motion in your hands in order to build speed. 

   Why You Are Not Improving Your Guitar PlayingJust a few of the biggest reasons why you are not making progress on guitar. It took me a long time of making these very same mistakes until I realized what I was doing wrong! 

   How To Improve Your Guitar Phrasing SkillsThis exercise will help you greatly increase your creativity, by forcing you to integrate all of your skills together so you can create new music that you have never played before. 

   How To Balance Your Guitar Practice ScheduleIf you are practicing the same things every time, your musical skills are out of balance. You need to focus on the bottlenecks that are holding you back from getting BIG results. 

   Hearing Music In Your HeadThe ONLY way to perceive music is by listening. Thus it makes sense that should train your ears to understand music on a deeper level if you want to be a creative musician. 


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