Learning Guitar is a Process By Matteo Miller-Nicolato Learning guitar is not going to be too hard for you in terms of mental strain of learning new concepts, neither will the technical part as long as you practice on a regular basis. But don’t expect to be making massive steps forward in very short periods of time. Learning guitar is a process that takes several years to really take your playing to the next level. I know a friend who started from scratch and started playing really well after two years of guitar lessons with our teacher (we have the same guitar teacher). Personally, after two or three years I got about the same results. Now I can play nearly any sounds that come out of my head, I can play along to most songs without tab just by hearing it a few times, though my guitar speed is not quite to the level I want it to be that’s something that takes a long time to develop. So I don’t want you to be feeling like you are falling behind if you are not making the kind of progress that you want. You don’t know what kinds of results you need to expect from your guitar playing. You don’t know yet how fast you’re going to learn. Everybody is different anyway… My goal is to make small steps forward every single lesson. I want you to feel like you actually made progress in our lessons, just the same way that I feel after every practice session. I feel like I have improved. However, I don’t expect to make massive leaps forward in any single area of music. I expect to make gradual progress over the long term. You are familiar with the school system. It takes maybe 8 years of college before you get a PhD in any field of study. Not only that but you’d have already gone through 5 years of elementary school, 3 years of middle school, 4 years of high school… So a full 20 years of schooling before you can really call yourself a master in any normal field. Music is not much different. Thankfully, it’s not going to take 20 years for you to learn how to play guitar. It might take you 2-5 years before you really start to feel fulfilled about your journey. That’s when you might start being able to write your own sweet guitar solos, cool songs, maybe make a record or perform live onstage. Really the whole guitar playing experience is not just about learning how to play guitar. It’s about having these goals of writing your own songs or performing songs or joining a band that will keep you motivated. If you don’t have these goals then you are learning guitar just for the sake of learning guitar and that is not really strong enough. Perhaps in the beginning it is, but not when you start to feel the pressure of falling behind. You don't have to be a really good guitar player to write a song. You don't have to be a really good guitar player to play onstage or join a band. You can do this pretty much at any level! So you'll start to see how easy it is to accomplish musical goals as we keep opening up your musical ear. This is really good because now you can become a musician much faster. It is more of a mental change than 'finally becoming good'. You’re going to be learning a LOT from me. You’re going to feel like you are not able to memorize everything or master everything or practice everything because there’s going to be so much. But I really want you to remember that you are not here to memorize everything or master everything. I am here to help you reach your goals. We are here to improve your skills. We are here to help you finish your album. We are here to help you write your first song or play onstage for the first time. We are NOT here to memorize all the scales on the guitar. We will be doing so much different stuff that you’re going to forget a lot of it, but we will come back to it later on. How much do you really remember from school?

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