How To Practice Changing Chords


By Matteo Miller-Nicolato


A lot of beginners struggle to change chords on guitar. This is because the strategies they are using to practice and memorize chords are not very efficient. They tend to make mistakes like putting down one finger at a time, looking at the chord charts instead of memorizing the chords, and trying to play too many chords at once, or too fast... and don't know how to slow down and focus on the small problems in isolation.


I will show you several strategies to master changing chords quickly:





Principles and Techniques


"One Finger Chords"


Many beginners make the mistake of starting with FULL chord shapes (3-4 fingers) when in fact they should begin with 1 or 2 fingers maximum.


"Bunny Hops"


A very quick way to memorize a chord shape is doing quick bunny hops up and down.


"Hover and Hold"


In order to make sure you can easily make the chord shape, you should HOVER your hand above the strings and HOLD the shape of the chord just above the strings!


"Finger Permutations"


A spin off of the "one finger chords" ... instead of using ALL your fingers to practice chord changes, simply choose different combinations of 2 fingers.


"Feather Touch"


Many people try to SQUEEZE very hard with the belief that it will help the sound come out of the guitar, but in fact it is PROPER POSITIONING that will help the most. Playing with a "feather touch" will immediately solve this problem.



"Land On Both Feet"


You must land on the chord shape with all your fingers at the same time, not one at a time.


"Micro-Slow Matrix-Speed"


Move as SLOW as possible in order to identify what mistakes you are making. Far too many people try to rush their movements, thinking they "got it" already and just want to get faster.


Skip any one of these steps and you will never master chords. ;)


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