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I'm offering to give you guitar lessons in San Diego, from the comfort of your own home, and train you to play guitar the way you've always wanted.


We've all been a beginner at some point...not being able to play anything, or maybe you've been playing for a while and you just can't play fast enough or clean enough, or you can't improvise or jam with your friends, or you can't really write songs or compose music as well as you would like.


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I used to be the same way, just like you, before I took lessons...


* You don't know what songs to learn, or how to get started with guitar lessons in San DiegoGuitar Lessons in San Diego


* You try to play something but it doesn't sound good, not smooth, not clean


* It's just physically and mentally difficult to understand and play


* You can't seem to make any more progress


* You know some stuff but can't actually do anything with it


* Music theory seems to be a complete mystery


* Playing fast and clean and doing cool tricks seems impossible or difficult for you


These are all the things I used to struggle with in the past, but now that I've been playing for almost 20 years, and teaching guitar lessons in San Diego for many years, I want to share with you the most powerful secrets and the most effective practicing strategies that I have found.


 Danilo Garcia San Diego Guitar Lessons Review  "My name is Danilo Garcia and I've been taking guitar lessons for 8 months. One of my fears was quitting. I thought I was going to quit early but I didn't. I found it easier to play guitar and stay on track, and not quit guitar. I like that you showed me how to play some songs that I liked. You're a good guitar teacher so I definitely recommend you as a teacher." 


When you work with Guitar Lessons San Diego, you will get:


Someone to define your specific weaknesses that are holding you back from playing the way you want...

Someone to train you to practice more effectively so you make faster progress in less time...

Someone that will help you overcome any guitar playing challenge you might have...



Would you like someone to walk you through the process?



       Beginner Lessons 1. Playing your very first song on guitar, the very first lesson 2. Learn with a neat songbook (no messy paper lessons) 3. Learn songs specifically written to solve your early guitar playing challenges 4. Quickly and easily develop accuracy and dexterity with both hands 5. You don't need to have any prior musical experience 6. The secret to learning the open chords without struggling Important: Everything we do at the beginning is Easy Easy Easy!!!...guitar lessons in San Diego are Easy! This makes it fun. :)     San Diego Guitar Lessons


Allen McBeth San Diego Guitar Lessons Review:

"Matteo very quickly taught me a simple scale that he explained had the notes in it to match a chord pattern he would play. Within minutes of my first guitar lessons in San Diego we were jamming a tune that sounded really cool, was simple to play but sounded elegant and smooth. I didn't know that I had it in me to play lead guitar but Matteo explained the process to me in such an easy way that it started to come naturally to me after just a few riffs. Matteo is an excellent guitar teacher in San Diego."


 Larry Tong San Diego Guitar Lessons Review "Larry Tong, been taking guitar lessons in San Diego for about 8 or 9 months... I think it was more about having an intimidation, not really knowing how to get past where I was. I was kind of stuck on just strumming chords that I had learned from a long time ago, and never progressed beyond that. I didn't know what actually WAS beyond that, or how hard it was going to be, and that was the biggest thing I was wondering about. What I found was appealing was your real love of the art, where you eat, breath, sleep, and walk guitar, and it has a way of rubbing off so that I'm doing it, and I'm thinking about it and it's been a very enjoyable journey. I like that a lot. It's always exciting to get to Tuesday because I know I'm going to learn something new. I think I like the progression because you do a lot of different things, and it doesn't have to be perfect, but you learn a lot of different techniques, and then you switch to theory, and then you switch to playing some music, and practicing little pieces that I think it's exciting. I really like how the guitar lessons in San Diego are at the right stage...  ...A lot of times I've gone to books, and they're so overwhelming I didn't know where to start. Or it's just too hard, so you sort of wish and hope, and go on to do something else. But the progression with these guitar lessons in San Diego have been very manageable, and it's been nice. It's like you can start playing right away, rather than struggling through something, you can play music right from Day One. I enjoy your enthusiasm, it makes learning easier. It makes me want to learn, and one of the good things is you're continually challenging me. We don't get complacent with something and then stop... There's another little piece, and it's continually in front of me. I like that challenge where it's not too hard, not too easy. It's pushing you along at the right pace. I really like that aspect, where some of the learning is difficult because you have to do it over and over a million times, but it's okay because we switch it up. Even when I practice there's so many different things I can practice rather than just to stick with one song or one technique. I've been introduced to so many techniques it's exciting. Anybody who's really dedicated and wants to learn, you would be a great guitar teacher in San Diego because you're patient and you explain things over and over and then you draw pictures and find different ways to explain it. I definitely recommend you. I would say Thanks! It's been a great journey. I'm looking forward to learning more, and being able to play more. It's very relaxing, and yet it's challenging. I like the combination of it." 



Melissa Jones San Diego Guitar Lessons Review:

"Matteo has given me more than I expected, because I expected somebody to say 'Okay here, do this, do that, go home, and come back next week,' but the follow up that he has given, and the effort of sending me the lessons, and the encouragement... He's very subtle about it but he's so positive, so he has surpassed my expectations."



      Guitar Lessons San Diego        Intermediate Lessons 1. Playing specially designed song lessons that correct sloppy technique 2. Learn how to solo and make up your own simple lead riffs 3. Learn how to easily play cool chords everywhere all over the guitar 4. Basic introduction to music theory 5. Learning popular rock songs Important: Guitar lessons in San Diego are FUN. Let me help you actually make serious progress quickly so that it feels good to play guitar! 



 Robert Sayler San Diego Guitar Lessons Review My name is Robert Sayler and I've been taking guitar lessons in San Diego from Matteo for a little over a year now. One of the fears I had before I started taking guitar lessons in San Diego was finding it too difficult to start back up again.. That I spent too much time playing my own style that I wouldn't be able to adapt and to be able to learn again. Fortunately I've been able to overcome that and I have been able to learn and it's been a very cool process so far. One of the things that I've found is Matteo has a different style of playing guitar than I have so it's exposed me to something different than anything I've ever played before. I've played jazz, metal, punk, ska, I've played everything.. but even still Matteo has something different than what I have so I found different ways to phrase things, different ways to approach music that I haven't seen before and its really opened up a few different doors for me that I haven't had before. One of the things I liked most about Guitar Lessons San Diego is that we've been able to continuously evolve.  Matteo has seen things that I like and don't like and has been able to adjust things accordingly. He still drills me and has me practice things that I don't like doing BUT it makes me a better guitar player. At the same time, he knows that I like to practice writing songs so its something that we now spend a full month working on instead of just maybe a week. It's an ever evolving process thats really been nice feature of Guitar Lessons San Diego. One of the things that's nice about it is that he's still giving me a blank canvas, but might change the parameters in which i normally get to approach it so I have my formula and my routine that I go to every single time but I get introduced to different ways of starting to think about songs, thinking about writing phrases in different ways... and it may not be that its completely revolutionary and Matteo's holding my hand through the entire thing, but it's like 'hey have you thought about phrasing it this way, or what if we played staccato here, and staccato is not something thats in my repertoire on a regular basis. i think some of the benefits are working on the fundamentals that I've neglected and thinking about music in a different way, and its also going back and practicing and drilling things that I kind of forgotten about. Matteo's a great teacher, he's patient and he's able to explain things in different ways and it's definitely been worthwhile. These lessons have all been incredibly helpful, and without them I'd be in the same place that i was over a year ago. Now I can do things and think about things, and it's night and day compared to what I've been doing and I'm always looking forward to the next guitar lesson in San Diego. 


Hosung Joun San Diego Guitar Lessons Review:

"That day was such a lucky day when I found the San Diego Guitar Lessons handout... I played the guitar starting 2 years ago, usually trying to find methods or lessons which could make me play guitar better, but I could only copy other band's songs (like doing covers). I just knew one scale but I didn't know how to use it, and I didn't know how to play guitar (jam) with other people. But now I can definitely say that I can. I took Matteo's guitar lessons in San Diego so that I can play my own melodies and understand how to make sounds, and how to use the scale, how to improvising, etc... I strongly recommend Matteo as a guitar teacher in San Diego if you want to start taking guitar lessons in San Diego or learn more about guitar. Guitar Lessons in San Diego is one solution which can solve your guitar problems!"



         Advanced Lessons 1. Understanding how to use music theory to your advantage when soloing 2. Learning how to improvise and solo all over the guitar, in every key 4. Applying ear training skills to easily and quickly create your own musical ideas 3. Easily build accuracy and speed with both hands, and learn to play clean 4. Develop your musical creativity, even if you think you don't have any 5. Take all of the skills that you learn and combine them to write your own songs Important: Anybody who wants to CAN become a really good guitar playerThe road to greatness is a lot of fun and worth the challenge!        


 Manuel Carrasco San Diego Guitar Lessons Review "I was worried of not being able to learn guitar at all. I found that with patience and with specific exercises I can start building muscle memory and really get a grasp of specific techniques and build from there. I like the exercises and the books are well structured and take you on a nice path for a beginner which I think is important."  "I really appreciate the flexibility because of my schedule given that I work, so being able to have classes in the afternoon at home is important to me. I enjoy it a lot because its relaxing and in a casual environment, and because Matteo is open to helping with fun stuff besides the material that the lessons cover. I definitely recommend Matteo as a teacher to anybody, and I have even recommended Matteo as a teacher to some of my friends."     Yuki Yanai San Diego Guitar Lessons Review  "I thought it was going to be difficult but it was easier than I thought. I liked it because I had a few questions that I wanted to know, and you taught me exactly what I wanted, and even more than what I had in mind. The price is not really expensive and you learn a lot. The pace of the learning is not too fast or too slow, its a really good pace so its really fun to learn!"     Kevin Williams San Diego Guitar Lessons Review "My biggest fear was whether I would put in the time to make guitar lessons in San Diego worth it, but Matteo gives homework assignments that are fun and he gives material that breaks things down into small pieces that Ive been able to stick with pretty well. Guitar lessons in San Diego are fun and I actually feel like I've been getting better, I'm seeing progress week by week."  "Matteo really gives a lot of thought into his lesson plans. It's not just him showing up and saying 'oh lets work on this this week'. He's come up with a plan and personalizes it to your skill level which is really helpful to me because I didn't come in as a complete beginner. I didn't know that much about Matteo going in, I just took a chance and I'm glad I did. Would I recommend Matteo as a guitar teacher in San Diego? Absolutely." 






You want to become an awesome guitar player right?



Not just learn a bunch of licks and tabs and songs but actually become a really good player

                                                                                                                     Guitar Lessons in San Diego

...Understand music on a deeper level


...Using scales and arpeggios to start shredding and sweeping


...Playing whatever you want, anywhere on the guitar without feeling limited


I am committed to helping you get a real result.

I've helped a lot of other people in San Diego learn how to play guitar.

All you need to to get started with Guitar Lessons in San Diego do is take the first step.


So let's get started today with getting you to play guitar how you've always wanted!


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Dara Ghashghai San Diego Guitar Lessons Review:

"Matteo has a very structured and unique way of teaching guitar lessons in San Diego. Matteo doesn't do what most guitar teachers in San Diego do, and he offered more to me than most guitar teachers in San Diego. Not only did he teach the hour lessons of instruction or whatever I needed here and there, but he offered his time in many other ways. Also during his lessons he would explain things to me that didn't only work for guitar lessons, but also worked for most things in general, if you apply them in different ways."



       1. You get my 100% commitment and dedication to your lessons! 2. You get personalized lessons in San Diego based around your goals! 3. You get a coach in San Diego to motivate you to stay on the right track! 4. You get a trainer to make sure that you practice exactly right every time! 5. You get an experienced teacher from San Diego who has helped others learn! 6. You get a positive influence in your life so you can feel more confident! 7. You can finally be sure that you will become an excellent guitar player! 8. You can meet other students from San Diego, who are just as excited as you! 9. You get additional bonus lessons and services you can't get from books! 10. You will have fun with guitar lessons in San Diego you'll love every lesson! 11. You can show off your new skills to everybody who said you couldn't do it!       San Diego Guitar Lessons



Parents of Pritam Mukhopadyaya San Diego Guitar Lessons Review:

"We were afraid our son wouldn't enjoy the guitar lessons in San Diego or practicing, because he's new at playing guitar... But now, we see that he's making progress and learning and at home he's practicing well. I think he's learning well and we feel Matteo is taking him through the right steps. I would definitely recommend Matteo because we are getting a result! Pritam likes it actually, he's enjoying the guitar lessons in San Diego, and he's slowly getting into it!"


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